Olivia Machine & Tool, Inc.
Complete Machine Shop Service

We are a complete machining facility located in Olivia, NC with clients throughout the Research Triangle, Piedmont Triad, Ft. Bragg and Pope Air Force Base. Our growth has been fueled by our commitment to our clients which include:


 * Armtec

 * Saab Barracuda

 * Moen, Inc.

 * Goodyear Tire and Rubber

 * Coty, Inc.

 * Tyson Foods

 * Duke Energy

 * Pope Air Force Base

 * Fort Bragg

Units from Fort Bragg are now deploying with the new HMMWV Push Bumper designed and built by OMT. Along with our custom tire brackets the utility and operability of the HMMWV is extended. See picture and video below.

OMT provides a wide range of services to our corporate and government clients. Helping our clients work from samples, drawings or ideas and achieve a finished solution that fits their needs and budget has been our core business since 1981. Our products have ranged from initial prototyping to full scale assembly lines for NC factories. We provide all types of machining and fabricating including:

* Shafts

* Brackets

* Bearing Housings

* Industrial stairs and platforms

* Fabricating 100ft. smoke stacks

* Fabricating hand rail

Finished products are available with protective coatings to include powder coating or anodizing.